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Baška Voda  –  the pearl of the Makarska Riviera


It may surprise you to learn that Croatia is the 11th most popular tourist destination in the world, and this may be partly due to the fact that it’s location is not one which easily springs to mind. This has also received a boost since the country joined the European Union in 2013, so if you’re wondering what currency you’ll need, it’s kuna!

However, once you discover that much of the country borders the Adriatic Sea the picture will begin to become clearer and you will realise why just so many people take their holidays in Croatia. The coastline which lies on the country’s western border is dotted with small and picturesque towns and fishing villages, beyond which are over 1,000 islands which are irresistible if you like to explore and love the sea. The attraction becomes obvious the moment you arrive in the area.

One of these small towns is Baška Voda, which lies approximately 45 km to the south-east of the second-largest city in Croatia, Split, and 120km to the north-east of Dubrovnik. Ask anyone who has visited the town what they consider to be the most memorable aspects are of the town and they will most likely tell you about the beautiful clean waters and the stunning backdrop of the dramatic Biokova mountain range, the second-largest in the country, and Sveti Jure, the highest mountain in the range at 1,762m. One of the main consequences of the rugged Croatian landscape in the area is the low population level, which means more space and more freedom to get out and about.

Access to Baška Voda has improved greatly since the introduction of a motorway system within Croatia, one of which lies approximately 8km to the north of the town. As far as flying there on holiday is concerned, the nearest International airport, one handles over 11 million passengers every year, lies 15km to the north-west of Split, which is an enjoyable hour’s drive from Baška Voda, though it could be longer as it will be hard not to stop off on the way to take in some of the most breathtaking scenery.

Baška Voda also forms part of the Makarska Riviera, which comprises a 60km stretch of coastline boasting some of the best beaches in the whole country, many of which are sandy, which is a rarity along the coastline. Combine this with the exceptional variety of watersports available in the area and you’ll get an even better understanding of why it is such a popular holiday destination, and if you have your own personal yacht there is even a marina! However we aren’t all that fortunate, so hiring a car at the airport is the usual way to help you get to your destination.

The region boasts some of the cleanest waters of the Adriatic sea and, as a consequence, the coastline has over 100 blue flag beaches, the EU-recognised stamp of approval, of which Baška Voda Beach is one. Separated from the town’s buildings by a beautiful tree-lined esplanade and with palm trees galore, this town has a similar feel to it as many small Mediterranean towns, though many don’t have such a stunning location. To be able to look out to sea from the beach at some of the country’s many islands, then to turn round and witness the awe-inspiring backdrop of sheer mountain faces takes a lot of beating.

As for the choice of water sports available in and around Baška Voda, if you like to keep your feet dry, then there are plenty of boats for hire on a daily or weekly basis. However, if you like to get directly involved with the water, you’ll be spoiled for choice. From jet skis to windsurfing, fishing to scuba diving, snorkeling to parasailing, and water-skiing to scaring yourself stupid on a banana boat, it’s all there waiting for you.


If lazing on a beach drinking cocktails or reading a good (or bad) book is more your thing, you will find yourself in good company. However, if you have not been to Croatia before, then you might not be aware of the popularity of naturism in the country. Over 15% of all tourists that come to Croatia on holiday are naturists, so many of the beaches are naturist-friendly. If you want to know which beaches or sections of beaches are used by naturists, look out for FKK registration, which is the local designation to save any awkwardness or confusion!

While there is a range of holidays available, from renting an apartment to a whole villa, or camping to staying in a hotel, if you choose the right hotel, you are guaranteed the perfect holiday. One such Baska Voda hotel is the luxury 4* Hotel Croatia, which provides the perfect combination of sumptuous and luxurious modern facilities within a stunning period building located just a few paces from the marina and all the towns bars and restaurants, of which there is an excellent choice. After a comfortable night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast, what better way to begin the day than a stroll down to the beach, which is only 100 metres away.

Staying at the Hotel Croatia allows you to soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant town, while also being made to feel very much a part of it. The building’s setting and period feel offer so much more that modern purpose-built holiday hotels just can’t. In particular, if you want to have a totally relaxing break and you don’t want to spend all your time in a car exploring so much that this beautiful country has to offer, you’ll find everything you need for a truly relaxing and memorable holiday all within walking distance.

So, if you’re wondering where to book your next holiday, we don’t think you need look any further than Baška Voda, Croatia. To discover more or if you’d like to know more about Baška Voda and the Hotel Croatia, please feel free to call us at any time.