Fishermen s Night

If you are spending your summer holidays on the Dalmatian coast and want to experience a fun night with food and music, then the fishermen’s night is for you. In most Dalmatian towns they have fishermen’s night a few times throughout the season. You can find the information on boards or posters around town or ask at your local tourist office or hotel.

The fishermen’s night is a traditional feast on the Croatian coastline. The night is full of local food, drinks, and music. This is a great opportunity to try good food and enjoy an authentic experience. It takes place in the evening on the promenade, by the sea.

As the name would suggest the feast consists of food that the fishermen would catch during the day. You can find fish on the grill, like sardines and tuna with olive oil, shrimp, squid, mussels or even risotto. Everything goes well with a glass of wine. You can also find pršut (smoked-dried ham) and cheese on the fishermen’s night. It is not seafood, but pršut is “must have”  while you are in Dalmatia!

While you are enjoying your food and drinks, live music is playing in the background. There are even games in which you can participate or just watch and laugh. Some of the games are donkey races, walking on a slippery beam, tug of war (rope pulling)… There is also a variety of souvenirs to choose from and some local produce to take home.

A lot of tourists say that they want an authentic experience, but if you are traveling to a popular tourist destination, it is hard to find something truly authentic. The Dalmatian coast is a top tourist destination and it is very rare to be in a setting where a lot of people are locals. If you want to experience and taste Dalmatia, visit a local fishermen’s night, you won’t regret it and your full belly will be happy.

The fishermen’s night varies from town to town, but in it’s pretty similar in its core: food, music, and fun. On the Makarska Riviera, almost every town has a fishermen’s night. You can experience it in Makarska, Baška Voda, Tučepi, Promajna, Brela, Podgora…

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